Architectural & Structural Design


is one of the leading companies in the field of architectural and structural design for all types of buildings in various uses and purposes of its constructing. These works achieved by team composed of the university cadres and research’s collecting between practical experience and scientific researches.

There are two division of design in our company   

- Architectural design
- Construction design


First: Architectural Design:
  we are serving the internal and external architectural design for various buildings, (residential, commercial and industrial) with various activities. The team work has Great experience in requirements of building codes and New Urban Communities Authority requirements.

Our main target is to achieve the maximum benefit from the building, whether to gain the maximum luxury or the largest financial profits of the Unit in the case of construction for investment.


There are three stages for the design works

1- Plans, facades of building and elevating sections That meet the requirements of the customer and building codes and what is essential to extract a license to build

2-Three dimensional model  of the building which help our client to imagine   the final statue of the building.

3- Interior design includes all the area of unit (receptions, bedrooms, living rooms, Etc.)  As well as the work of the false ceilings and the decoration finishes in order to help the customer to imagine the final statue of his house. Also he can choose the furniture and watch its effect on the interior design



Second division is Construction Design

the structural design engineers make great effort in the design works. That achieved by using the upgraded design codes in constructions field. It also achieved by using the latest software that used in the field of structural analysis


  Our target


Is to collect between the (safe design, economic design and  Meets customer requirements (


  • Safe design

    It is our first priority in the design work. There is professional team collect between


    • practical experiences that help in identifying the safety factors the cover the weakness of Egyptian labors and surroundings negative effect variables

    • scientific researches that help in finding an intelligent solution for the constructing and design problems and upgrade a new strategies for design works meets the requirements of variable codes


  • economic design


It is our second priority in the design works that taken into consideration during the design of projects as a result of laws of construction codes. The team work doing great effort in using the structural elements in terms of dimensions and locations to reduce structural costs as much as possible with taken in consideration that it does not affect primarily on the safety and integrity of the Unit.
There is a precedent in the company of the design of many projects, which reached the value of savings to 40% of the total value of the project costs.


  • Customer Requirements


We are care for our client requirements in his building especially in the final statue of the area of the building. And remove any of the items that make the client not satisfied of the works for example (unhidden beams in receptions and corridors, Distorted stairs shape, Distorted rooms, columns in receptions, Etc.).


Also we are carful in making our designs able to modify in the future which increase the value of the building especially in case of construction for investment. This ability to modifying also facilitates the marking process by increasing and decreasing the areas of the units. All of these done with respect to first and second priority for the safe and economic design.


We are doing a great efforts to respect projects deadlines and Delivers  our design and works in its time