construction works

 This division is responsible of all constructing works starting from the excavation works and ended with furniture works.

 Construction division is divided into two sub division

     - Structural construction work.

    - Finishing works.



Structural construction work.

This sub-division is responsible for the structural construction works for the variable type of buildings starting from excavation of the building site to construct the foundation by its types ( plane concrete & reinforced concrete)  passing through humidity isolation works, constructing columns and roof for every floor until finishing the skeleton works. This sub division is also responsible for the masonry work in all floors.

These works have been done by a professional team of the engineers who have experience in these works. Our company has precedent list of a lot of works in this field especially the most complicated structural drawings.

  • AMAN has also a team of experienced laborers in the field of construction and also had the tools that help our company one of the leader companies in this field


Finishing works

 This is the second sub-division for the construction division. This sub-division is responsible for all finishing works which divided in to two types’ interior finishes for the house interior units and exterior finishes


 Interior finishes.

  For all interior house units’ reception, bedrooms, living rooms. Etc. these works contains (electricity works, sewage networks, wood works,  walls coating, walls painting, false ceilings, floors finishes) and all type of decoration inside the house
Exterior finishing works.

 This part specialized in the exterior parts of the house such as fence finishes, landscape for gardens and swimming pools, and Fountain and waterfalls, houses interfaces entrances and stairs. Also the company has a factor for metal shaping and ferforge works

AMAN Company has specialized team works in each of these finishing items with its various types of materials used in the process of implementation. Also AMAN Company has latest devices which helps us to implement all of these actions to the fullest extent. All of these works watched and by other team of the designer engineers during its constructing process in order to decrease the probability of mistakes. That what Concerned by the company decision makers