Licenses Extraction

License Proceedings for constructions

It is essential before starting in construction process to finish the building license procedure. This process is very hard and difficult because there are a lot of location and firms you must deal with it. On the other hand there are some of steps can’t be done by the owner and must be finished by engineering consultant or engineer.

In order to receive the license you should gain Insurance policy from one of special insurance companies. These insurance companies depend on a firm called ( MOGAMAA ASHRIA )which responsible for reviewing the structural design and give the insurance company a report which ensures the safety of the design.

Also before finishing the structural design we should finish the architectural design according to the requirements of Urban Communities Authority. The complexity in the start point, the normal to start from the architectural design but in order to review the architectural design you should have the insurance policy. These steps take a lot of time from low experience   people.

In AMAN we are happy to serve the finishing of License Proceedings for all types of buildings with its variable activities. Also, we serve the modification of old licenses and preparing the required document and paper for license procedures for example (Supervision Certificate, Consultant Certificate, soil report. Etc). We are also previewing the architectural and structural design and preparing the calculation notes and model (SAP, ETAB, SAFE. Etc.).

We are happy answer our client Inquiries about License Proceedings. Also our website contains models for all required paper for the process.

We do our best to finish license process in short time.