Real Estate Investment

Real estate investment

Real estate investment is an essential component of the Egyptian economy.  This type of investment is known with increase of the profits and revenues over time with low risk.

In AMAN we provide to our valued customers the real estate investment services. these services can be summarized in:

1- Deposit a sum of money for period not exceeding by any way three years.

2- The profits for this deposit will not be less than 40% of the money


The steps for real estate investment in Aman Company

The following line will explain how to start real estate investment with Aman Company

1- Identify the value of deposit only. The company will not receive the money at this time. It only recorded that our client likes to invest by this value with us.

2- The company start to search for a suitable licensed residential land the comparison between these lands have been run according to the location and price

3- An expert team starts to study the cost of construction and finishing the building, also they studying the value of the real estate units in the future. Finally they identify the total required equity capital for this project and this study repeated with all available residential land at this time. Our role is to find the suitable land which expected to gain the higher profit

4- After finding the suitable land we call our client to deposit the recorded value.  The company is responsible to complete the required capital for the project. In this time the client received an approved bill from the company

5- After buying the identified land the company processed sharing contract for the project between the client and our company. At this time the company received the approved bill from the client and give him the contract

6- The marketing process started after the start of construction process in case the return profit started to gain the company start to give the money with the profit to the client

7- Before starting the marketing process the company presents the available units for our client. In case one of the interest to buy any of them we facilitate the process by discount the value of the profit for his deposit


We are different because of:

Safety From the start to the end the client have a documented paper that approve his right in the project.

Commitment. We are responsible to finish the project on time and gain the profit to our client

Earnings ratio. The profit by any way will not be less than 40% of the main deposit value

Easy handling. The client can take his many in case of return the profit with no respect to the period

There is no usury. the profit is not fixed number. It calculated according to the profit of total project 66.6% for the client and 33% for the company