Real Estate Marketing

Real Estate Marketing


Real estate marketing is one of the strongest long term investment markets in Egypt. New Cairo area become the greatest market for real estate marketing and investment. It characterized by over rising in profit value for the real estate investment process. There are many reasons for the UN expected success in real estate investment in New Cairo area.


For example, The perfect design for this area as residential, commercial, and industrial area. And achieving the optimize use for these area. Also the construction laws which mange and controlled by the government. These laws caused in unifying the interfaces of buildings which gives the town perfect architectural design. These laws also controlled the percent of green area to the residential area. As a result for pervious, the most famous brands for all types of products started its activities in New Cairo town. Also a lot of companies and all of banks started there. Finally a lot of government institutions started its activities there. The strategic location of New Cairo city with all previous reasons make The New Cairo city is the top real estate market and subsequently the top in real estate investment

In Aman Company we do our best to facilitate the searching process for our customers for real estate units with its variables uses [residential, commercial, industrial….].  we help our clients to find the best available chances and the most suitable for them needs. That according to the location of the unit, quality, price, how to pay, architectural design, level, area, etc…


Our role is to clarify the disadvantages an advantages of the units. Also we facilitate the preview process for our clients by architectural drawings and photos for the unit. In case of the unsuitable architectural design we help our client in studying the probability of architectural modification of the units we do our best to prevent our client from forging the ownership documents operations which recently appeared in sell processes. Also we facilitate the property transfer procedures for our clients. We are focusing in our work on New Cairo city. This focusing gives us uniqueness in field of real estate marketing in this area; so we can help our clients to evaluate the units before starting the process of buying or selling it.


In case of using the units for real estate investment we promise to help our clients to identify the most suitable time for selling and buying process which achieve higher profits of the investment process.


Our company is characterized by neutrality in dealing with our clients and commitment to transparency and time.


There is no fees for marketing our product. And our fees for marketing for other fixed number. This prevent our client from increasing the unite price to increase our profit.