Repairs & Strengthening

Repair and strengthening 


In last decade, Egypt suffers from weakness in labor skills in the construction field. That causes a lot of mistakes and errors in design and constructing works. These errors can be divided in to two divisions  

Un accepted errors

This type of error must be fixed and will not be accepted by away or another. For example, these types of error related to safety of the building (unsafe column & footing)

Accepted errors

These types of mistakes we can live with. It has only bad effect on final finishes of the units. For example, drooped beams in halls and UN regular stairs

AMAN company have specialized team in repair and strengthening works for variable types of building and structural elements.  AMAN company has a long experience in this field and following lines will explain some of our works

- Setting up a new structural system inside an old building in MAADEY city in order to save the building against collapsing due to deterioration of the structural elements. Also in order to increase the total number of floors. and finally to modify the architectural design of the old building

- Redesign and constructing the levels of un regular stairs in a very dangerous case of structural system.

- AMAN has a huge number of cases for constructing duplex stairs between variable floors. Also make the required opening for these stairs

- Curing flat slab roof against the deflection that reached 10 cm. after curing this value become in allowable value around 2 cm


We have a lot of cases for repair and strengthening for variable structural element such as (columns, footings, beams, slabs. Etc.) and curing steel corrosion


In our company we depend on the most upgraded software and tools in order to finish these works on beast statue

This division of our company has special concern from the decision makers because of its dangerous of these works. They watching and monitoring these works during the project period